Dr. Dove’s Social Media Response


This website was created to provide you with the truth as to certain events that transpired  in 2011.

In August, 2011, our dental practice was the subject of a negative and disparaging, malicious social media campaign from a few individuals. It is my professional and ethical obligation to my patients to keep my comments in general in order not to violate any privacy or HIPAA acts.

How it all started

It all started back in August, 2011 when a couple of parents asserted that they were not happy with our services. We tried to talk with them and address their concerns and inquiries in a professional and amicable manner but these parents were not receptive and simply wanted to start a disparaging harassment campaign against our dental practice in an attempt to put us out of business. Their malicious efforts failed.

Slandering & false allegations

These few parents and other individuals started to slander my practice with an abundance of false allegations. Since there was no basis nor foundation for any of these false allegations, no state entity or legal office dealt with them. With no claim to pursue, these individuals decided to simply pursue a harassment campaign against an innocent business owner.

On several occasions, these relentless individuals began to harass my office and my patients. But moreover, they began harassing our clinic through social media networks which we know to be “cyber bullying.”

See for yourself

In this website you will be see copied comments from these various parents that was open to the public. You will see the harassment and incitement. One parent even publicly posted my cell number just so people could harass me. Click here to view samples of this cyber-harassment.

Check my record & credentials

I have graduated from Dental School is 1989. In addition, I am a recognized specialist in Pediatric Dentistry. I have been practicing for over 25 years. In my entire professional career I have NEVER been disciplined by any state board. I have NEVER been sued for any type of malpractice.

All these allegations have been thoroughly investigated by the California Dental Board for the past 3 years and they have dismissed them completely. In their investigations of my records however, there were record keeping issues and those have now been addressed. All these FALSE and SLANDEROUS allegations, however, have been dismissed.

My desire through this website that I have developed is to show the public what has happened.

If you have questions

Should you have any further questions on what has transpired feel free to call me or my office managers and we will be more than happy to discuss it with you.

Rachel Pufahl, General Manager (661) 872-2170

JoAnn Herrera-Perez   (818) 773-0911